What is Amorith Peredhil
Amorith Peredhil is a digital diary aimed at documenting my health journey. This diary is where I archive my experiences of trying to live a healthier lifestyle. You will be able to join me as I venture into self-discovery, allowing myself to be completely vulnerable through this outlet.

Supposedly, Amorith Peredhil is my name in Sindarin. A long time ago, I translated my name with an online Sindarin name generator and I’ve been using it for all my social media ever since.

Who is Amorith Peredhil
My name is Mariko Natasha Phillips and I have recently channeled the courage to pursue a life I envision for myself. In other words, I am finally beginning to do all the things I think about doing. Instead of just thinking about all the things I want to do.

What is a Health Journey
A Health Journey is about living your life to your fullest by spending time doing what truly makes you happy. It’s about figuring out how to take care of your body, mind and spirit in a way that is positively effective for you. Importantly, they are constantly evolving because they grow with us.

My current health journey consists of eating well and staying active. It’s always allowing myself to learn and it’s embracing love; love for myself and love for others. I find that the more I take care of myself, the stronger bond I create between body, mind and spirit.

Welcome and thank you for stopping by Amorith Peredhil
Mariko Natasha Phillips