Product Review: Nutrition Bars

My mother taught us to never go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. You’ll end up purchasing more than you actually need. I didn’t follow her wisdom when I went grocery shopping with my husband the other day. I was eyeballing everything! I ended up going ham in the nutrition aisle and put way too many energy bars in our basket. “I think I’m hungry,” I told my husband. “I don’t even like energy bars.” I put a few back after that conversation.

The idea of turning my impulsive nutrition bar splurge into a product review was bound to happen…


Do you see a common theme in regards to my flavor of choice? If you haven’t already picked up on it, I absolutely love anything peanut butter.

**Except the Bulletproof Bar. Couldn’t find one in peanut butter flavor.

Raw Rev Glo (Crunchy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt)
– Peanut butter aroma as soon as you open the packaging
– Didn’t look appetizing
– Lacked flavor
– Chewy consistency; not too dry

Bulletproof Bar (Upgraded Chocolate)
– Didn’t look appetizing
– Powder like, dry texture
– Rich chocolate flavor
– Too sweet for me

Health Warrior (Peanut Butter Cacao)
– Looked appetizing
– Soft and light crunchy textures
– Flavor was moderate
– Would prefer a bit more chocolate and peanut butter flavors

Go Macro Macrobar (Peanut Butter)
– Looked appetizing
– Soft and chewy textures
– Nice peanut butter taste
– Overall bland flavor

If you’re craving a chocolatey protein bar, I’d recommend the Bulletproof Bar. It’s satisfyingly rich. A bit too sweet for my palate, however. The Health Warrior and Go Macro Macrobar were my favorites of the four options. I loved the textures of the Health Warrior and appreciated the peanut butter taste from the Macrobar. The Raw Rev Glo was my least favorite and wouldn’t recommend it.

I do understand its convenience but still not a fan of energy bars. Perhaps I should consider making homemade nutrition bars…


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