Balancing Life and Love

Since starting this blog, there have been some changes my husband, Will, and I have had to adapt to. We’ve had to re-evaluate some of our priorities, for the betterment of ourselves and of our relationship.

At the start, any moment I had went to working on the blog and it wasn’t healthy for our relationship. Will began feeling neglected, which resulted in me feeling unsupported.

Together, we had to figure out how to balance life and love.



Sometimes we just have to really listen to our partners. We have to do our best to refrain from getting defensive to really hear what they’re trying to tell us. It’s challenging but when you can better understand each other, the harmony can begin. I am now able to recognize that his feelings of neglect doesn’t mean he is unsupportive and my desire to work on the blog doesn’t equate to me not wanting to spend time with him. Instead, understanding one another allowed us to recognize the flaws in our own actions and make the necessary changes needed to improve our relationship.

Effective Communication

It’s important that I communicate my intentions for the day or the week to Will. That way we can both plan things more efficiently. The best part is, he’s always willing to help me accomplish my daily/weekly goals without having to ask him. His actions have always demonstrated unconditional support. It’s one of the many reasons why I love him so much.

Making Time

Will and I already work opposite schedules, including different days off. Therefore, setting aside quality time together is important. Giving each other the attention we need and deserve, allows us to grow closer as a unit. It isn’t just happy wife = happy life but happy husband also equals happy life.


A health journey isn’t just about healthy eating habits. It’s about self-improvement. Our relationships with others help influence self-improvement. I believe that if we can better ourselves, we can also better our relationship with others.


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I am finally beginning to do all the things I think about doing. Instead of just thinking about all the things I want to do.

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